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Michael Achim is a German writer, poet, songwriter, musician, sound artist, translator, teacher, and future health psychologist. He writes in German and English. 

Under his old artist persona Blake Day, he has published several songs, music v​ideos, and a volume of English poems called “Moriturus te salutat.” (“He who will die salutes you.“). In 2020, he put his alter ego Blake Day to rest and completed his personal evolution and transition to his true self Michael Achim, a process that was accompanied by his first full-length music album “Axolotl – The Death of Blake Day” as well as a volume of German poems called “Du und nicht Ich”, published by Engelsdorfer Verlag Leipzig. One week after the release concert for his Axolotl album at Privatcub Berlin, which completed his first life task, he embarked on his next life task: studying to be a health psychologist in order to deepen his personal studies into the world of “mind over matter” and quantum creating.